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Understanding Your Cataract Treatment Options

Understanding Your Cataract Treatment Options

Cataracts can significantly affect your vision and your ability to participate in normal activities. Cataract surgery is recommended to help restore clear vision, and today, there is more than one surgical option available. Below, we go into detail about your cataract treatment options.

About Cataract Surgery

Generally, cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial one that can help achieve sharp and crisp vision. The outpatient procedure is fast, safe, and effective. Cataract surgery can be recommended in many cases, including if a cataract interferes with the successful treatment of other eye issues you may have. When considering cataract surgery, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I see clearly enough to drive and work safely?
  • Is my vision stopping me from reading and watching television?
  • Are vision problems affecting my ability to take care of myself?
  • Do I see halos around light sources?

Your replacement lens depends on your specific needs.

ReZoom™ and ReSTOR® Lenses

ReZoom™ and ReSTOR® are modern, state-of-the-art multifocal intraocular lenses that have been designed to restore a full range of vision, allowing patients to free themselves from glasses and bifocals.

Single Vision and Toric Lens Implants

Single vision (monofocal) implants are a type of lens commonly used with cataract surgery. This lens has only one focusing distance, designed to help the patient focus on close, medium-range, or distance vision. Many patients have single-vision lenses that are set for distance vision and opt to use reading eyeglasses for objects that are close up. Toric lenses can correct astigmatism, a refractive error that occurs when there is an irregularity in the cornea’s surface. These lenses correct the refractive errors and restore better vision.


Cataract surgery that uses monovision lenses can correct your vision by implanting lenses that have differing focusing distances. For example, one distance can be corrected for nearsightedness while the other is corrected for farsightedness. Monovision lenses are a great solution for those that do not want to depend on glasses or contacts following cataract surgery.

Cataract Treatment in Miami, FL

Cataracts are a common and easily treatable condition, and the doctors at Laser Eye Center of Miami have years of experience successfully restoring the vision of many patients. Whether you are looking to improve or protect your vision with cataract surgery or require glaucoma treatment, Dr. Lazcano, Dr. Awad, and their team of knowledgeable staff are here to help you. To gain independence from glasses and contacts and restore your quality of life, call our office to get started with a consultation today.