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Advanced Surface Ablation Laser in Miami FL

About Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)

Advanced Surface Ablation Laser Miami - ASA Laser Eye SurgerySome patients learning about advanced surface ablation (ASA) are already familiar with photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), which was the first FDA-approved method of laser vision correction. Over time, there have been many advancements in laser technology, as well as techniques for vision correction. ASA safely removes the epithelium of the cornea and treats the surface, correcting refractive errors in the process.

Benefits of ASA

ASA patients enjoy several benefits, including:

Improved vision: ASA is designed to produce clear, sharp vision in patients with refractive errors. Those with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can enjoy improved vision at all distances.

Safe procedure: ASA is a safe, efficient, and effective procedure. While there are risks associated with any procedure, choosing skilled and experienced doctors such as Dr. Lazcano and Dr. Awad of Laser Eye Center of Miami can help minimize complications and other issues during the procedure and recovery.

Save money over time: Contact lenses and eyeglasses can come with costs that add up over time. Many patients have multiple pairs of glasses that complement their wardrobes, while those with contacts will need special contact lens solutions, eye drops, and storage cases to ensure their lenses remain comfortable, safe, and clean. Others enjoy the flexibility of both contact lenses and eyeglasses and end up paying for both, including the costs associated with prescription changes. While this is commonplace for many eye patients, some individuals may prefer a solution that does not require additional upkeep.

Alternative to LASIK: Those who are not ideal candidates for LASIK may benefit from ASA, which does not require the creation of a flap.

Flexible lifestyle: ASA offers patients independence from eyeglasses and contact lenses. After having refractive errors corrected, patients can swim, hike, and sweat without worrying about removing their contact lenses or losing their glasses. Furthermore, athletes may find ASA especially beneficial compared to wearing glasses, which may become damaged or fog up outdoors or while sweating, or contact lenses, which may become scratched or blurred when clear vision is needed the most.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

ASA is completed in a painless procedure, starting with numbing eyedrops to ensure patient comfort during treatment. The epithelium of the cornea is then gently removed using a laser or a combination of laser and other techniques. The refractive errors are then addressed with the laser, which changes the curvature of the cornea so that light is refracted correctly. A contact lens bandage is placed on the cornea, allowing for quick and comfortable healing as the epithelial cells regenerate.

ASA Recovery

The initial recovery period for ASA lasts three to five days; during this time, blurred vision is normal and discomfort can be managed with medication. Full recovery occurs after approximately one month. Many patients feel ready to resume their regular activities a week after treatment. Patients will need to attend follow-up visits so that our doctors can assess healing.

Learn More About Advanced Surface Ablation in Miami

For more information about ASA, contact our office where our friendly staff will help arrange your consultation with one of our outstanding doctors. Patients can also request an appointment by filling out our convenient online contact form.