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Pterygium Treatment in Miami

Also serving patients in Fort Lauderdale

A pterygium is a tissue growth on the cornea. This condition is more common in sunny climates and in the 20-40 age group. The causes of pterygium to develop are not known. However, since people who have pterygium usually have spent a significant time outdoors, many doctors believe ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun may be a factor, wind and dust as well as genetic predisposition.

Because a pterygium is visible, many people to have it removed for cosmetic reasons. However, your eye doctor may recommend to remove a pterygium when it is invading the cornea or when the discomfort and redness is not relieved by eye drops.

Pterygium surgery is ambulatory with topical anesthetic eye drops. The growth is excised completely. The chance of reoccurrence is greatly diminished due to a special chemical used during the procedure. Most patients go back to their normal activities as soon as two days after surgery. The use of eye drops may be necessary for approximately one month after this procedure.

In addition to providing highly effective pterygium treatment, the experienced surgeons at the Laser Eye Center of Miami specialize in glaucoma surgery, treatment for cataracts, and refractive laser procedures. In fact, the Laser Eye Center’s surgeons are among the most accomplished LASIK eye surgery specialists in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.