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Presbyopia (Age-Related Farsightedness) Treatment in Miami

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Presbyopia, also known as age-related farsightedness, is characterized by the loss of ability to focus on near objects. Symptoms of presbyopia begin around age 40 as the crystalline lens gets harder and unable to change its shape on demand. Most people are between 40 and 50 years when they realize for the first time that they have difficulty reading close up. The letters of the phonebook are “too small” or you have to hold the newspaper farther away from your eye to see it clearly. At the same time your ability to focus on objects that are far way remains normal.

Laser Eye Center of Miami uses the latest technology to provide you with the professional care you want and deserve. Our eye doctors will conduct a comprehensive eye exam with a specific test to make sure that one of the options below will be the right one for you.

Presbyopia Correction Options

Even though reading glasses are always a great and convenient option to correct presbyopia, ever since the different refractive surgeries have been available, we see more and more people enjoying of life without having to carry a pair of glasses with them at all times in their purses or pockets, or having to have a pair of the known as “readers” in every corner of their homes and workplaces.

LASIK, with the option of Monovision which consists of correcting the dominant eye for distance (Myopia, Hyperopia and/or Astigmatism)and the fellow eye for reading, has been a great way to eliminate or reduce the dependency of glasses.

Other options are the multifocal intraocular lenses Tecnis® and Symfony. This type of procedure is used on patients that have been diagnosed with cataracts but is also may be performed on people that want to minimize their dependency on glasses for near, far and in-between vision and are getting close to an age in which cataract surgery may be in their near future.

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