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The Advantages of LASIK for Athletes

The Advantages of LASIK for Athletes

LASIK is a transformative procedure that can improve your vision, but many patients at Laser Eye Center of Miami who are athletes have been able to enjoy many advantages after having the surgery. One of the most fundamental requirements for great athletic performance is the ability to see clearly, regardless of the sport.


When playing contact sports, glasses are not ideal in the field — in fact, they can pose a safety hazard. There is a risk that your glasses could be broken during a game. They may even fall off at an inopportune time, potentially causing injuries. If you wear contact lenses, there is a chance they could get displaced during impact or may even contribute to eye irritation for swimmers. With LASIK, these risks are eliminated.

Improved Performance

Glasses are associated with glare, which can diminish the ability to see when it matters most, such as when it is time to score a winning touchdown. Likewise, glasses and contacts can distort vision underwater and may cause other issues, such as accidents or avoidable collisions. LASIK is able to provide athletes with reliable depth perception and clear vision, which improves reaction times and boosts overall athletic performance.

Clear Vision in Extreme Environments

Glasses and contacts may pose an issue for athletes performing in extreme environments. In extremely cold environments, gusty winds can lead to eye dryness, which could be exacerbated by ill-fitted contact lenses. Heat naturally leads to sweating, which makes it easier for glasses to shift or slide off completely. Additionally, humid areas can lead to fogged-up glasses, obscuring an athlete’s sight. LASIK can provide for reduced reliance on glasses and contacts, which is ideal in these situations.

Quick Recovery

A major benefit of LASIK is its quick recovery period. Patients are usually able to have both eyes treated at the same time, and recovery is typically short and pain-free, with a significant improvement in vision occurring almost immediately. Reduced downtime means athletes are able to get back in the game sooner.

Learn More About LASIK for Athletes in Miami

Miami Laser Eye Center comes highly recommended in Southern Florida as the place for effective and safe LASIK surgery. Our talented ophthalmologist, Dr. Lazcano, has successfully performed thousands of LASIK surgeries on happy patients. If you are an athlete seeking to gain independence from glasses and contact lenses, our team would be happy to meet with you. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation today.