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Signs You Are Ready for Laser Eye Surgery

Signs You Are Ready for Laser Eye Surgery

Patients seek laser eye surgery when they are ready for a life of clear vision. Many factors go into determining candidacy for the procedure, including a patient’s readiness to embrace the changes that accompany it. If you are considering laser eye surgery, the doctors at Laser Eye Center of Miami can guide you every step of the way. Dr. Lazcano specializes in LASIK surgery, having successfully performed the procedure countless times on many happy, satisfied patients. Below, he shares some important information on how you can figure out if laser eye surgery is right for you.

You Are Tired of Wearing Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Eyeglasses offer the benefit of immediately clear vision when wearing them, but they can be a hassle in many cases. Glasses can break or get lost, or the lenses can become scratched, making them ineffective. This means you will need to invest in spare pairs of glasses to use until your broken or lost pair can be replaced. Additionally, many patients see glasses as an extension of their appearance. This may necessitate owning several pairs of eyeglasses for aesthetic purposes.

Contacts, on the other hand, can accidentally rip or be dropped during insertion. Likewise, they can contribute to eye irritation or even infection if your hands are not properly cleansed before handling your lenses.

Your Lifestyle Requires Sharp Vision

Many lifestyles are not compatible with glasses or contact lenses; for example, athletes, swimmers, and those who participate in contact sports may have difficulty with contacts. Individuals in these situations require clear, unobstructed vision, and glasses can easily slip off, crack, or shatter during contact sports, which is a safety concern. Likewise, contact lenses can cause eye irritation, especially if sweat, sunscreen, or other substances accidentally get into the eye while wearing them. In these cases, laser eye surgery can provide the crisp vision necessary to participate and excel in their activities.

You Are Ready to Save Money

There are several cost factors that go into wearing contact lenses and glasses that are effectively eliminated with laser eye surgery. Outside of the need for additional pairs of glasses and contact lenses in case of damage, regular changes to your prescription can influence the overall cost of wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Prescriptions change frequently over a lifetime. This means new eyeglasses and contacts must be purchased to ensure you are able to see clearly.

Laser Eye Surgery in Miami

The best way to know if you are ready for life-changing laser eye surgery is to book an appointment with one of our skilled providers at Laser Eye Center of Miami. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the crisp vision you need to lead a fulfilling, hassle-free life. To get started, schedule your consultation today.