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Will You Need Reading Glasses after LASIK Surgery?

Will You Need Reading Glasses after LASIK Surgery?

It is very common to wonder about the probability of needing reading glasses after LASIK eye surgery. Truth be told, you will probably require reading glasses at some point in the years following your LASIK surgery. But it has nothing to do with LASIK failing to deliver as promised, or “wearing off” over time. Even after a perfect LASIK result, you may eventually need reading glasses to see nearby objects clearly. Read on as the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami clarifies what we mean.

The Age-Related Loss of Reading Vision

Over time, the lens of your eye thickens and loses its natural flexibility; it is no longer able to change its shape on demand to focus on nearby objects. This condition is called presbyopia, and it usually sets in between the ages of 40 and 50. Presbyopia can cause blurry near vision and make it difficult to detect details in low lighting conditions. It does not affect the ability to focus on objects that are far away.

LASIK fixes a completely different part of the eye (the cornea). Whether you have LASIK or not does not have any effect on the health of your lens or how it responds to the aging process. This is why many people that have LASIK eventually wind up needing reading glasses.

Solutions for Presbyopia

The team at Laser Eye Center of Miami offers a range of treatment solutions to help you see clearly without depending on reading glasses.

One option is refractive lens exchange, in which we replace your eye’s natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens to restore clear vision. Refractive lens exchange is virtually identical to cataract surgery, which is normally performed a little later in life as the natural lens becomes cloudy.

Refractive lens exchange is not appropriate for every case, but if you have been told you have the early stages of cataracts or if you are at a heightened risk of cataracts, it may be a good option for you. The procedure is a great way not only to reduce dependence on reading glasses but also to prevent cataracts from developing down the road.

If you have not had LASIK but you have developed problems with your reading vision, our doctors may recommend you undergo LASIK with the option of monovision. This approach involves correcting your dominant eye for distance vision, and your other eye for reading vision, for a full range of clear vision.

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No matter what your visual needs may be, our team is happy to discuss your treatment options. To learn more about reducing your dependence on reading glasses and enjoying a full range of sharp vision,  please contact Laser Eye Center of Miami today.