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Why LASIK Has Become So Popular During the Pandemic

Why LASIK Has Become So Popular During the Pandemic

Many trends have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic, such as socializing on Zoom, doing jigsaw puzzles and baking sourdough bread. At Laser Eye Center of Miami, our team has noticed another trend: a rise in patients seeking LASIK. The Refractive Surgery Council confirms that vision correction procedures have “soared” after people stopped sheltering at home. Here are some of the reasons patients have shared for having laser eye surgery.

Foggy Glasses

People who wear glasses quickly found that covering their face with a mask posed some problems, the most obvious being that their glasses would fog up. That condensation from one’s own breath can significantly impair vision, and at a time when people are instructed not to touch their face, fixing it is not ideal. Accordingly, some people decided to try LASIK to correct their vision rather than having to deal with this hassle.

Even as mask mandates are relaxed, many people still plan to wear masks indoors or in large crowds. Others anticipate vaccine-resistant strains. Face masks will probably be around in some capacity for a while, and LASIK is a good way to eliminate the problem of foggy glasses.

Having Time to Think about Health and Goals

As people spent more time at home than they were used to, many reflected on what they were missing out on. Some even contemplated what they wanted to do to make their life better once the pandemic was over. At Laser Eye Center of Miami, we started hearing from patients who had always been curious about improving their eyesight with refractive surgery. During the pandemic, they finally resolved to meet with a top ophthalmologist to discuss the procedure. After having LASIK, most express that they wish they had made the choice sooner!

Saved Money

Among people who were able to keep working once coronavirus arrived, many found that they were saving more money than they did previously because they weren’t traveling, eating out or filling up their gas tanks as often. With more money at their disposal, some people decided to invest in LASIK to provide them with better vision that lasts a lifetime.

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Whatever reasons you may have for seeking LASIK, the experts at Laser Eye Center of Miami are here to help. Dr. Gabriel Lazcano specializes in LASIK and has transformed the vision of thousands of patients throughout his lauded career. As the first eye care center in Miami to offer the WaveLight FS200 Femtosecond Laser, we have earned a reputation for producing safe and reliable results. To schedule a consultation, please call (305) 443-4733.