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What to Anticipate the First 24 Hours after LASIK

What to Anticipate the First 24 Hours after LASIK

As far as surgeries go, LASIK is extremely safe and the recovery is remarkably easy. With that said, the first day is considered the most critical. In an effort to make the process as simple and worry-free as possible, the skilled doctors at Laser Eye Center of Miami are here to provide you with a rundown of what you can expect in the first 24 hours following LASIK.

Temporarily Impaired Vision

You will see blurry in the initial hours following surgery. Hazy vision and light sensitivity are normal side effects.

The good news is the majority of patients will see their sight not only restored but possibly better than ever within a day.

Take It Easy

You are likely to feel tired after LASIK surgery. Sleep the first three hours. Then take it easy the rest of the day.

Dry Eyes

Your eyes will undoubtedly feel itchy and dry after LASIK, and it is likely that that sensation will last beyond the first 24 hours. Feel free to use eye drops to manage dry eye irritation. If the problem persists for more than two weeks, please consult with an eye doctor.

A Little Bit of Pain

For most patients, the only pain they experience is immediately after the anesthesia wears off, and even then, they most describe it more accurately as discomfort. You may take pain relievers as necessary, but if at any point you feel serious pain, reach out to your doctor.

Discuss LASIK with the Laser Eye Center of Miami Team

Drs. Gabriel Lazcano and Abraham Awad make it a top priority to provide their patients with excellent care before, during and after LASIK. If you have any questions about the procedure or the recovery phase, they would be happy to answer them. To schedule a consultation for LASIK, please send an email.