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What Celebrities Have Said about Their LASIK

What Celebrities Have Said about Their LASIK

Over 10 million Americans have had LASIK. While most of these patients are ordinary people, it is also a popular procedure among celebrities. Some people have doubts about the safety and effectiveness of LASIK, so they may find it reassuring to learn that even rich and famous people choose this procedure to correct their refractive errors. Here Laser Eye Center of Miami discusses some of the notable figures who have been happy with their LASIK results:

Nicole Kidman

The Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman confessed that she spent most of her life ignoring her nearsightedness. Not wearing glasses made it easier for her to ignore the paparazzi and starstruck fans. Eventually, she decided to have LASIK. “I was walking around legally blind; now I have 20/20 vision,” Kidman said. “I can’t believe I spent so many years blurry… now I notice if people are watching me, but I also smile right back if someone waves.”

Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, he asked her about her recent LASIK surgery. She said, “It was great. I really can see very well.” What was less exciting for Swift was that Fallon then pulled out an embarrassing video of her getting emotional about a banana shortly after her surgery. Swift had her mother to thank for that moment.

Jimmy Fallon

Speaking of Fallon, he had LASIK earlier in his career to help him read cue cards more easily. He felt “goofy” in glasses and did not enjoy putting contact lenses in his eyes every day, so surgery seemed like a smart alternative. Afterwards, Fallon said, “It’s worked out great!”

Tiger Woods

Visual acuity and depth perception is critical to succeed at the game of golf. Being significantly nearsighted, Tiger Woods used to rely on contact lenses to help him excel at his sport. Eventually, he wanted to stop wearing contacts and put his faith in LASIK to improve his vision. Clearly, it worked: after having the surgery in 1999, he now shares the record for most PGA Tour wins of all time.

Dennis Quaid

Actor Dennis Quaid admits he used to have five pairs of reading glasses around his house. “I decided to have LASIK because I was tired of looking for my glasses all the time,” Quaid said. “[When] I’d go out to restaurants, I can’t read the menu.” He described the procedure itself as “painless, really easy [and] quick.”

Discuss This Procedure with a LASIK Specialist

Fortunately, you do not have to be a wealthy superstar to have laser eye surgery. Dr. Gabriel Lazcano specializes in LASIK and has dramatically improved the vision of thousands of patients in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses. To determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lazcano by calling (305) 443-4733 today.