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The Three Most Common Fears About LASIK

The Three Most Common Fears About LASIK

At Laser Eye Center of Miami, we understand that the thought of any surgical procedure, including LASIK, can stir up concerns and fears. But many of the most common fears about LASIK actually stem from misperceptions. Sometimes the misinformation comes from a Google search or from an uninformed friend or relative.

Here, our team breaks down three of the most common fears about LASIK and explains why you do not need to be afraid of this life-changing procedure.

Pain or Blinking During the Procedure

Fear of pain is by far the most common fear about laser vision correction. Your safety and comfort are our team’s top priorities; to keep you comfortable, we will administer numbing eye drops and give you a mild sedative medication prior to starting treatment. You should feel relaxed and at ease during treatment. Our patients usually report feeling nothing more than slight pressure. Also, you can take comfort in knowing that the laser treatment itself takes less than a minute per eye.

You may have additional concerns about blinking or making other involuntary eye movements during LASIK. We take measures to prevent this. A specially designed piece of equipment will gently hold your eyelids open, and the sedative medication you take will make you less likely to blink or move. Furthermore, the laser we use has state-of-the-art technology that tracks your eye movement thousands of times per second. If you were to make involuntary movements, the eye tracking system would immediately pause treatment and then readjust the laser to compensate for the movement.

Long Recovery Time

Another common LASIK fear is being out of commission for a long time after surgery. Actually, LASIK recovery is very rapid. Vision may slightly fluctuate for the first few days, but most patients find they are able to quickly resume driving, working and other activities of daily living.


Any surgical procedure carries some risk. By choosing a qualified, experienced laser eye surgeon, you significantly lessen some of the risk of complications. Our team screens candidates carefully for any factors that could raise the surgical risks. We will go over potential complications with you prior to surgery so you understand the risks.

Our Team Will Help You Feel At Ease

Laser Eye Center of Miami has helped countless patients like you overcome their fears and feel more confident about LASIK treatment. We are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you have. To schedule an informational consultation with our team, please call or email us today.