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Signs that Indicate You Have Presbyopia

Signs that Indicate You Have Presbyopia

When you are young, your eye’s natural crystalline lens is elastic and can change its shape to adjust focusing power as needed. The muscles surrounding the eye help the lens bend and flex to focus on nearby objects.

But over time, the eye’s lens and the muscles surrounding the eye lose their elasticity and flexibility, which interferes with the eye’s ability to change shape. As a result, it can become difficult to see nearby objects closely. This is known as presbyopia, and it normally sets in around the age of 40 or shortly afterward.

Below, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami reveals signs that indicate you may have developed presbyopia and should consult with an eye doctor.

You Have Difficulty Reading Fine Print

If you have presbyopia, it will be difficult to read fine print clearly. You may have problems reading a text, newspaper or menu. Because it is a struggle to read text clearly up close, you may find yourself holding your reading material at arm’s length.

Your Eyes Are Fatigued after Working on the Computer or Doing Close Work

Another possible indication of presbyopia is that your eyes feel fatigued or strained after spending a lot of time on the computer, reading intently or doing close work. They have to work harder once presbyopia sets in. You may find that your eyes ache or burn or that you rub your eyes a lot after a long period of reading or computer work.

You Squint a Lot

Because the muscles around your eyes have become weaker and can’t constrict the lens to focus on nearby objects, you may try to compensate by squinting when trying to read or see objects in a low lighting condition.

You Have Presbyopia. Now What?

Presbyopia is diagnosed with an eye doctor after a complete eye exam. Certain tests will be performed to measure visual acuity.

If you are diagnosed with presbyopia, there are treatments available to correct your vision so the condition does not interfere with your work or hobbies. Reading glasses are a good solution, but many people find it inconvenient to carry their “readers” around all the time.

Another solution is monovision LASIK, a laser eye surgery that corrects one eye for distance vision and the other eye for reading vision.

Some people elect to have their natural lenses replaced with multifocal lens implants. This can be a good option for individuals who are getting close to needing cataract surgery.

To discuss your presbyopia treatment options with the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami, please request an appointment by calling or emailing us today.