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Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon during Consultation

Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon during Consultation

The first step of the laser vision correction journey is a consultation with a LASIK surgeon. This appointment is a prime opportunity to learn more about the surgeon and their qualifications, discuss your LASIK candidacy and get important details about the surgery itself. To help make your consultation more productive, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami reveals a few critical questions to ask your LASIK surgeon.

What is your experience with LASIK?

Hopefully you have elected to meet with a surgeon whose credentials you are familiar with (i.e., where they went to medical school and did their residency). But you can learn more about the surgeon’s LASIK experience by asking how many procedures they have performed and how many they currently perform in a week or a month. This gives you insight into whether LASIK is a key area of focus for the doctor and practice.

What makes me a good candidate for LASIK?

Ask your LASIK surgeon whether you are a suitable candidate for LASIK — and why. Here, you are looking for specific and individualized ways that LASIK can benefit you and your particular visual error(s).

Is my age and life stage appropriate for having LASIK?

You want to double-check that you are within the right age range for LASIK and that this is an appropriate time in your life to pursue LASIK. For example, LASIK is generally not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing. If you are 40 or older, other age-related eye changes may occur and compromise your candidacy for LASIK.

Do I have any health conditions that may rule out LASIK?

If you have a certain health condition like diabetes or an autoimmune disease, LASIK may not be a good option for you.

What can I expect on the day of surgery?

Now it’s time to get down to the details. Ask your surgeon what to expect on the day of surgery. Is there anything special you must do the morning of surgery to prepare? How long will you be at the surgery center? What happens after you are released to go home?

What kind of results can I expect?

What is reasonable for you to expect after surgery? Ask your LASIK surgeon to outline the best and worst-case scenarios for your LASIK results.

What are the chances I would need an enhancement or “touch-up” procedure?

A small fraction of LASIK patients require additional enhancement or touch-up procedures to refine the results of surgery. Ask your surgeon how often they perform enhancements and at what point they generally recommend a touch-up treatment.

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