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LASIK Statistics That Will Give You Confidence

LASIK Statistics That Will Give You Confidence

Deciding to have LASIK is a health decision, and most people want to know how effective and safe the procedure is before committing. As a result, many people spend a considerable amount of time researching LASIK before scheduling an appointment with a laser surgeon.

If you have been on the fence about LASIK, the Laser Eye Center of Miami would like to share a handful of statistics that may help you to make an informed choice:

95.4 Percent Global Satisfaction Rate

Looking at LASIK patients worldwide, it is clear that patients are enthusiastic about having chosen LASIK. In an international study, researchers found that more than 19 of 20 patients were happy with their LASIK results, and the rate was even higher (96.3 percent) among patients who sought hyperopic LASIK (LASIK for farsightedness). This is a ringing endorsement to people currently contemplating the refractive surgery.

90 Percent of Patients Attain 20/20 Vision

Following LASIK, an overwhelming number of patients walk away with the standard level of vision, able to function in the world without relying on eyeglasses or contact lenses. According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, 90 percent of LASIK patients boast 20/20 vision or better after recovering from their respective surgeries.

You may be wondering what the outcome for the other 10 percent of patients is. Rest assured because…

99 Percent of Patients Attain 20/40 Vision or Better

Not every patient achieves 20/20 vision following LASIK, but just about everyone’s vision is corrected to a level that is much better than where they started.

Whether you would continue to wear glasses with 20/40 vision is a personal decision as doing so would only warrant a small prescription. Some people may choose to put on glasses in situations where seeing in the distance would be more helpful, like while driving. But you should be able to ditch eyewear in most situations.

700,000 Fellow Americans Get LASIK Each Year

An estimated 700,000 patients in the United States undergo LASIK annually, making it one of the most popular elective surgeries (of any kind) around. That puts you in good company with plenty of other people who have dealt with less-than-perfect vision, and also demonstrates that LASIK surgery is a safe, mainstream approach to correcting vision.

Speak to Our LASIK Specialist

While you probably find these statistics compelling, the real way to gain confidence before getting LASIK is to speak directly to our LASIK surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Lazcano. He will thoroughly explain the procedure, plus share his own personal statistics pertaining to success and satisfaction.

To meet with our specialist at Laser Eye Center of Miami, schedule a consultation through our online form or call (305) 443-4733 directly.