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How WaveLight Technology Makes LASIK Surgery That Much Better

How WaveLight Technology Makes LASIK Surgery That Much Better

If you are searching for LASIK options in Miami, you may be bombarded with a number of “types” of LASIK, such as “bladeless” and “traditional” LASIK. Laser Eye Center of Miami offers the most advanced laser for vision correction,  and is the only center to do so in Miami-Dade County. Dr. Gabriel Lazcano explains below how this modern vision correction technology improves LASIK.

What Is WaveLight Technology?

The WaveLight Refractive Suite is the most recent technology and is available for LASIK and other vision correction procedures. WaveLight technology can provide patients with reliable outcomes and precise results and comes with a host of benefits, including:


WaveLight technology can more precisely measure the cornea, which can result in a more predictable outcome. This also allows for more precise correction of subtle corneal issues.

Reduces the likelihood of side effects

Common LASIK side effects can sometimes deter patients that are considering the procedure. LASIK with WaveLight has the ability to reduce the chance of dry eye, halos, decreased night vision, and other side effects that may follow LASIK.


Every patient’s vision needs customized treatment to produce the best results. LASIK with WaveLight technology locates the contours of the eye and corrects only those imperfections.


Depending on the amount of correction needed, correction with WaveLight can take a matter of seconds per eye.

WaveLight Technology vs Traditional LASIK

Traditional LASIK

Traditional LASIK is one of the most common laser vision correction treatments and uses a laser to reshape the cornea and improve vision. It can treat astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. Traditional LASIK uses standard measurements when correcting vision which limits the range of what can be corrected.

WaveLight Technology

WaveLight Technology enhances LASIK procedures by offering more customization and precision. This advanced wavefront technology creates a highly-detailed 3D map of the patient’s eye and locates each imperfection and bump. This information helps identify exactly where and how much the laser will be applied. Because of its precision, the WaveLight technology can help correct both high-order aberrations, such as farsightedness, and low-order aberrations, like optical issues that contribute to halos, for example.

The precision that accompanies this laser makes outcomes more reliable and offers the benefit of crisp vision, near-immediate results, and reduced side effects for the patient.

LASIK in Miami

If you are ready to put aside the glasses and pursue LASIK enhanced by WaveLight technology, there is no better option than Laser Eye Center in Miami. Dr. Gabriel Lazcano and Dr. Abraham Awad and their talented staff can help explain your options for the best vision possible. Book an appointment online or call (305) 443-4733 to get started.