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How To Prepare for LASIK

How To Prepare for LASIK

LASIK is an extremely safe procedure with a high success rate. Nevertheless, it is common to experience some nerves or anxiety in the weeks leading up to surgery. Making some key preparations will put your mind at ease as you look forward to the procedure.

Read on as the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami highlights four things to do to prepare for LASIK.

Stop Wearing Contacts

For the most accurate laser treatment, you will be asked to stop wearing your contact lenses and wear glasses instead for a few days to a few weeks two to four weeks prior to your pre-operative exam and LASIK surgery. Contact lenses can alter the surface of your cornea, so you need to allow your cornea time to assume its natural shape. Wearing your contact lenses right up until your surgery will give our team inaccurate measurements and possibly lead to subpar results.

We will provide you with more specific instructions based on the type of lenses you wear.

Review Your Medical History With Our Team

Make sure our team has your complete medical history, including any past or present medical or eye conditions, before you undergo surgery. We also need to know about all of the medications you take and any allergies you have. Normally we review this information in your pre-operative evaluation, but be sure to bring up anything that we may have missed.

Stop Wearing Eye Makeup

We will ask you to keep your eye area as clean as possible for the surgery. Refrain from wearing eye makeup, creams or lotions around your eyes the day before surgery and on the day of your surgery. Also, we might ask you to gently scrub your eyelashes the day before surgery to get rid of any lingering makeup products or debris.

Make Arrangements for the Day of Surgery

Making some logistical arrangements ahead of time will ensure the day of your surgery goes smoothly. Arrange for someone to drive you to the surgery center and bring you home afterward to help you get situated. Clear your calendar for the day of surgery and plan to rest and relax after your procedure. On the morning of your surgery, you can eat and drink normally, but refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol. Wear comfortable clothing and do not wear any perfume or cologne.

Contact Us With Questions

If you have any last-minute questions, the Laser Eye Center of Miami team is here to help! Do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling (305) 443-4733. You can also get in touch with us by sending an email.