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How to Care for a Loved One with Cataracts

How to Care for a Loved One with Cataracts

Losing vision to cataracts is very upsetting. It can turn routine tasks into obstacles and rob someone of their independence and quality of life.

If a spouse, parent or relative of yours is dealing with cataracts, there are things you can do to make their lives easier and safer. Read on as the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami shares ways to care for a loved one with cataracts.

Offer to Drive to Doctor’s Appointments and Errands

Many people with cataracts feel uncomfortable driving due to blurry or deteriorating vision. Not only is it difficult to grocery shop, fill prescriptions and run errands, but it can also be hard to connect with friends and other loved ones. Whenever possible, offer to drive your loved one to do errands or visit with a friend.

Arrange for a Meal Delivery Service

Cooking and preparing meals are obstacles for someone that cannot see well. Help your loved one grocery shop for easy-to-prepare meals and snacks, or hire a meal delivery service that ships pre-portioned meals directly to their front door. If you are able, invite your loved one over for meals as much as you can.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Cleaning can also be challenging when vision is poor. Simple tasks like laundry, dishes and taking out the trash may cause stress and anxiety. Ask your loved one which task(s) they need help with, and commit to coming over regularly to tackle the chores. Or, look into outsourcing the work to someone whom you can trust.

Eliminate Hazards That May Cause a Fall

Poor vision can raise the risk of a devastating and potentially catastrophic fall. You can reduce this risk by eliminating hazards around your loved one’s home. Clear out clutter and rearrange furniture to create wide walking paths through the home. Have any uneven flooring repaired.

Connect Your Loved One to a Reputable Cataract Surgeon

If and when your loved one has cataract surgery is up to them. But you can be an enormous help by connecting them to the resources they need to learn more about the procedure, its benefits and risks. Research experienced cataract surgeons in your area and, if your loved one is interested, schedule a few consultations. Accompany them to the appointments to show your support and ask the surgeons questions.

Contact Laser Eye Center of Miami

Laser Eye Center of Miami has performed tens of thousands of cataract procedures with great success. To learn more about the surgery, please call or email us to schedule a consultation with our team.