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5 New Things to Try After Having LASIK

5 New Things to Try After Having LASIK

LASIK can transform the way you see, but many of our satisfied patients at Laser Eye Center of Miami seem most excited about the smaller changes they didn’t even consider prior to surgery. After spending so many years relying on eyeglasses or contact lenses to see, being able to enjoy more of the little things in life is a bonus. 

1. Sightsee

It’s no coincidence that the world looks like a more beautiful place when you have crisper vision. Traveling becomes that much more fun when you can actually see the details of nature, museums and elaborate architecture. Some LASIK patients even enjoy returning to places they have previously visited to see them with more clarity.

2. Play Sports

Engaging in physical activity with glasses is difficult. They slide around when you run, and if a ball hits you in the face, your glasses are liable to break. Once you no longer need glasses to see, you can both see and compete on an even playing level. Sports become more fun when you don’t have to worry about protecting your face constantly.

3. Go for a Walk in the Rain

It can be fun (and even romantic if the movies are to be believed) to go for a walk in the rain. Unfortunately, wet weather can be a nightmare when you rely on glasses. In between having to wipe off your lenses, fogging can obstruct your vision. After LASIK, however, you can go for a refreshing walk and enjoy nature’s splendor.

4. Buy Fun Sunglasses

How many times have you seen a cool or cute pair of sunglasses you would love to own, but have had to pass because you would not be able to see while wearing them? Brands have gotten better about creating appealing frames for sunglasses that use prescription lenses, but your options become limitless when you do not need to rely on prescription lenses at all.

5. Take an Impromptu Nap

A midday snooze is one of the great joys in life, but if you wear contact lenses, it’s not so easy. Having to remove, clean and store your lenses is a hassle when you may just want to drift off on the couch for 20 minutes. With LASIK, you no longer must decide whether it is worthwhile to catch a few unscheduled ZZZs.

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