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3 Ways Glasses Can Ruin Your Workouts

3 Ways Glasses Can Ruin Your Workouts

Just like poorly-fitting leggings that won’t stay up or shoelaces that keep coming untied, glasses make it difficult to complete a heart-pumping workout. In some scenarios, wearing glasses while exercising can even bring up safety concerns. But for many people, popping contacts in before a workout is simply not an option.

Read on as the team at Laser Eye Center discusses three ways glasses can ruin a workout.

Foggy Lenses

Most workouts, including running, cycling and high-intensity interval training, involve breaking a sweat. But sweating leads to foggy or filmy lenses that interfere with your ability to see clearly.

While it might not be a huge deal for your glasses to fog up for a moment during a yoga class, under other circumstances it can be risky. Imagine running an outdoor race in glasses, starting to sweat and suddenly not being able to see where you are or the direction in which you are headed. Or, if you prefer team sports but don’t have special goggles, foggy glasses may cause you to miss a key play or a quickly approaching ball or opponent.

Slip and Slide

Another huge inconvenience of wearing glasses when working out is having the frames bounce around or slip and slide down your nose as soon as you start to run, jump or sweat. Nobody wants to deal with glasses bouncing up and down in the middle of a set of burpees or a vigorous Peloton class. What is already a grueling workout becomes even more exhausting when you have to tug on your glasses every few minutes.


Don’t forget the all-important task of cleaning glasses off after a workout! Your glasses need to be wiped clean of the sweat residue and dirt that has accumulated during your workout. And cleaning wipes or supplies are just another thing to remember to pack in your gym bag.

Step Up Your Game With LASIK

At Laser Eye Center of Miami, we have met countless men and women just like you who are tired of their glasses detracting from the quality or convenience of their workouts. We are proud to offer a safe, effective solution to help you enjoy clearer, independent vision.

LASIK vision correction surgery is a quick and virtually painless procedure for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Thanks to this laser eye surgery, you can enjoy your favorite types of exercise, free from the hassle and inconvenience of visual aids.

To learn more about your LASIK treatment options, please call or email Laser Eye Center of Miami today.