Understanding Pterygium, Surfer’s Eye in Miami, Florida

Understanding “Surfer’s Eye”

A pterygium is a triangle-shaped growth of tissue that forms on the white part of the eyeball, called the sclera. Usually benign, pterygia can grow, eventually extending over the cornea and, depending on their size, interfere with vision.

As you will learn, pterygium growths are common in sunny climates such as Miami. The team at Laser Eye Center of Miami offers complete care for pterygium. If you have noticed a growth on your eye that matches the description of a pterygium, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment at our office to have it checked out. Read More “Understanding “Surfer’s Eye””

Early signs of cataracts

What Are the Early Signs of Cataracts?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology and other major ophthalmology organizations have designated June as Cataract Awareness Month. As trusted Miami cataracts surgeons, our team at Laser Eye Center of Miami wants to do our part by spreading awareness about cataracts and their effects on vision. We believe that when cataracts are detected early, we have a better chance of successfully treating them and restoring clear vision.

Below, we reveal some of the early signs of cataracts. Read More “What Are the Early Signs of Cataracts?”

Alternative vision correction options Miami, Florida

Not a Good Candidate for LASIK? Here Are Your Options…

Although LASIK is tremendously beneficial for many patients, unfortunately it is not the best option for everyone. That being said, keep in mind that if you have been told you are not a good candidate for LASIK, it does not necessarily mean that you have to wear glasses or contacts for the rest of your life. Here, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami discusses some of the alternative means of vision correction that you can consider. Read More “Not a Good Candidate for LASIK? Here Are Your Options…”

Why the Aging Process Affects Your Ability to See Up-Close

Aging affects nearly every part of the body, including the eyes. It is common and perfectly normal to see a decline in vision with age; it doesn’t necessarily indicate that the eyes have developed a disease.

In this post, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami reveals how the aging process can affect vision — particularly, close or near vision. Read More “Why the Aging Process Affects Your Ability to See Up-Close”

4 Ways Diabetes Affects Vision

The effects of diabetes on many areas of health, including ocular health, are well-documented. Below, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami discusses four specific ways diabetes can affect vision. We encourage people with diabetes to be very attuned to their eyes and even slight changes in vision, which could indicate a potential problem. Read More “4 Ways Diabetes Affects Vision”

Understanding the Different Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases characterized by damage to the optic nerve. The eye continuously produces fluid that must drain to keep the pressure in the eye stable. If the fluid doesn’t drain properly, the intraocular pressure can rise to a dangerous level and risk damaging the optic nerve.

Although glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness, many people don’t understand the nuances of the disease or its severity. To provide some clarity, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami discusses the two primary types of glaucoma here. Read More “Understanding the Different Types of Glaucoma”

5 Reasons to Have LASIK in 2018

The entire team at Laser Eye Center of Miami would like to wish you and your family a very happy New Year. If you are struggling with the visual effects of a refractive error, we encourage you to consider making an important New Year’s resolution: improving your vision with LASIK surgery. By correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, LASIK can truly change your life.

In this post, our laser eye surgery specialists in Miami share five reasons for you to consider vision correction with LASIK in 2018. Read More “5 Reasons to Have LASIK in 2018”

Frequently Asked Questions about Cataracts

The eye doctors at our LASIK center in Miami consult with thousands of patients about cataracts every year. We are happy to explain how and why cataracts develop, and what can be done to treat them. Here, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about cataracts to help our blog readers understand the condition more clearly. Read More “Frequently Asked Questions about Cataracts”

How to Find the Right LASIK Surgeon

If you are thinking about correcting your vision with LASIK eye surgery, perhaps the most important decision you will make is your choice of surgeon. The experience, skill and bedside manner of your surgeon directly influence the success of your procedure.

Here, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami shares some helpful tips to guide you as you look for a LASIK surgeon in Miami, Florida. Read More “How to Find the Right LASIK Surgeon”


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