Protect Your Vision from the “Silent Thief of Sight”

In today’s blog post, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami wants to make you aware of one of the most insidious threats to your vision and ocular health: a disease called glaucoma. Glaucoma has been described as the “silent thief of sight,” because half of all people with glaucoma do not know they have it until it has progressed to the advanced stages and caused vision loss. Unfortunately, glaucoma-induced vision loss cannot be recovered.

Although our team cannot protect you from getting glaucoma, we hope that by raising your awareness, you can take steps to properly manage your risk. If you do develop glaucoma, we will do our best to help you avoid losing vision to the disease.   Read More “Protect Your Vision from the “Silent Thief of Sight””

Can Cataracts Cause Blindness?

Characterized by a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, cataracts can lead to significantly reduced vision if left untreated. In certain cases, the vision loss is so great that it is considered legal blindness.

However, if you have been diagnosed with cataracts, or are experiencing symptoms consistent with cataracts, you are not destined for blindness. Cataract-induced vision loss and blindness can be prevented, and vision lost to the disease can be restored with cataract surgery.

Modern cataract surgery is a safe and routine procedure that has helped millions of people regain their sight and quality of life. Laser Eye Center of Miami is home to some of Miami’s finest cataract surgeons. We welcome the opportunity to help you overcome cataracts and reclaim clear, crisp vision. Read More “Can Cataracts Cause Blindness?”

Will You Need Reading Glasses after LASIK Surgery?

It is very common to wonder about the probability of needing reading glasses after LASIK eye surgery. Truth be told, you will probably require reading glasses at some point in the years following your LASIK surgery. But it has nothing to do with LASIK failing to deliver as promised, or “wearing off” over time. Even after a perfect LASIK result, you may eventually need reading glasses to see nearby objects clearly. Read on as the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami clarifies what we mean. Read More “Will You Need Reading Glasses after LASIK Surgery?”

Importance of removing eye makeup properly from Laser Eye Center of Miami

Why It Is So Important to Remove Eye Makeup Properly

If the prospect of acne breakouts and clogged pores is not enough to deter you from sleeping in your makeup, there are other, more important reasons to avoid this harmful habit. According to eye doctors, not removing your eye makeup before bed could lead to serious problems and possibly even blindness.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recently published a study of a 50-year-old woman in Australia, who went to a doctor complaining about eye pain and swollen, heavy eyelids. When the doctor looked under her eyelids, she discovered a number of calcified lumps, which turned out to be 25 years’ worth of built-up mascara particles. The deposits were scratching the patient’s eyeball and cornea, and she had developed a chronic infection called follicular conjunctivitis. Had the woman not seen a doctor, the infection could have worsened and the woman could have lost her eyesight permanently.

Luckily, doctors were able to perform an emergency operation to safely remove these masses (although the woman had permanent scarring on her eyelid and corneal surface). Read More “Why It Is So Important to Remove Eye Makeup Properly”

Great Vision On and Off the Field with LASIK

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who enjoys sports recreationally, clear vision is a must. But if you were not born with great vision, wearing glasses and contact lenses can be uncomfortable, unreliable and inconvenient for your game. Glasses can fog up, break or fall off your face as you sweat. Contacts can dry out your eyes, shift around or even fall out of your eyes during a critical play.

Thanks to laser vision correction procedures like LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) with the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami, you can enjoy great vision on and off the field. Read More “Great Vision On and Off the Field with LASIK”

How to Care for a Loved One with Cataracts

Losing vision to cataracts is very upsetting. It can turn routine tasks into obstacles and rob someone of their independence and quality of life.

If a spouse, parent or relative of yours is dealing with cataracts, there are things you can do to make their lives easier and safer. Read on as the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami shares ways to care for a loved one with cataracts. Read More “How to Care for a Loved One with Cataracts”

Cataract Surgery Recovery

What to Expect While Recovering from Cataract Surgery

For most patients, recovering from cataract surgery is quick and uneventful. However, it does require a bit of planning, and knowing what to expect can set you up for a smooth and stress-free experience. Read on as the team from Laser Eye Center of Miami discusses cataract surgery recovery. Read More “What to Expect While Recovering from Cataract Surgery”


Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon during Consultation

The first step of the laser vision correction journey is a consultation with a LASIK surgeon. This appointment is a prime opportunity to learn more about the surgeon and their qualifications, discuss your LASIK candidacy and get important details about the surgery itself. To help make your consultation more productive, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami reveals a few critical questions to ask your LASIK surgeon. Read More “Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon during Consultation”

Digital Eye Strain Protection

Protect Yourself from Computer Vision Syndrome with These Steps

Computer vision syndrome is a group of problems affecting the eyes that result from extended use of computers, smartphones and other digital devices. Also called digital eye strain, computer vision syndrome is becoming more prevalent as people spend so much time looking at digital screens, which make the eyes work much harder than they do with other types of reading or writing tasks.

The entire team at Laser Eye Center of Miami cares about the eye health and vision of our patients. In this post, we share a few ways to protect yourself from developing computer vision syndrome problems. Read More “Protect Yourself from Computer Vision Syndrome with These Steps”

Understanding Pterygium, Surfer’s Eye in Miami, Florida

Understanding “Surfer’s Eye”

A pterygium is a triangle-shaped growth of tissue that forms on the white part of the eyeball, called the sclera. Usually benign, pterygia can grow, eventually extending over the cornea and, depending on their size, interfere with vision.

As you will learn, pterygium growths are common in sunny climates such as Miami. The team at Laser Eye Center of Miami offers complete care for pterygium. If you have noticed a growth on your eye that matches the description of a pterygium, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment at our office to have it checked out. Read More “Understanding “Surfer’s Eye””


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