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How To Deal with Summertime Pterygium Recurrence

How To Deal with Summertime Pterygium Recurrence

A pterygium is a benign growth that develops on the outer surface of the eye. In addition to being unattractive, this type of growth can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as itchy, burning eyes and a foreign body sensation. Some pterygia grow so large that, left untreated, they start to interfere with vision.

Luckily, the surgery to remove a pterygium is tolerated very well by patients and does not require a hospital stay. But if you have already had a pterygium removed, you need to know that there is a chance it can return. Furthermore, the chances of it growing back are greater in the summertime. In this post, the team at Laser Eye Center of Miami explains why.

Why Do Pterygia Recur During Summer?

It’s not always clear why a pterygium comes back after it’s been removed. The specific surgical and adjuvant techniques used to remove the pterygium can influence whether the growth returns. (Some surgical techniques are associated with a lower rate of recurrence than others.) How well the patient follows the postoperative care instructions can also affect the likelihood of pterygium recurrence.

The chances of pterygium recurrence tend to be slightly higher in the summertime because of exposure to sunshine and other environmental irritants like wind and dust. We usually spend more time outdoors during the summer months, enjoying activities like surfing, boating and sunbathing; if you have a history of pterygium, this consistent exposure to the elements may cause your growth to recur.

If you have had a pterygium removed, it’s highly recommended that you wear sunglasses with the proper UV protection when going outdoors, and that you get regular eye exams. But even taking all of the proper precautions doesn’t always prevent the recurrence of pterygia. Sometimes it is simply out of your control.

How Laser Eye Center of Miami Can Help

Laser Eye Center of Miami has many years of experience with the diagnosis and treatment of these annoying growths. If you notice a recurrence of your condition — no matter what time of year — we are here to help you.

We can evaluate your eyes and develop a treatment plan. Depending on your case, we may recommend taking a “watch and wait” approach, monitoring you closely and prescribing eyedrops to make your eyes more comfortable. Or, if your pterygium has advanced considerably, we may suggest promptly proceeding with surgical removal. We are trained in the safest and most effective methods of pterygium removal to give you the best chances at avoiding recurrence. We will also explain all of the lifestyle modifications you can make to further reduce the risk of pterygium recurrence.

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